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As a freelance SEO & digital marketing consultant, I can help you attract more sales and leads from your website by working with you to make sure goals are met and results are achieved. I offer complete transparency in how I conduct my services. By understanding how online marketing works, you can make more informed decisions about the overall marketing of your business which will achieve better results attracting by the right sales and leads. Find out more...

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a key part of online marketing – and isn’t just about keywords! Many sites don’t rank in the search results nearly as well as they could for a number of reasons. Addressing these issues can go a long way to help improve a site’s visibility in the search engines and the visitors it attracts. Find out more….

Online Marketing Strategy & Planning

You have a great product or service. You need a good online marketing strategy to find more people who want to buy from you. You also need a great website and a great marketing plan. Not all businesses are the same, so the strategy you choose for your business will be different from the next business. Find out more...

Social Media Marketing

Marketing has always been about letting people know about your business and what you do, as often as possible, with the intention of being ‘top of mind’ when they finally decide the time is right to buy. Social Media Marketing brings together the important and relevant internet tools, so that your business can create, implement and benefit from an online marketing strategy. Find out more...

What people think of Forty First

We are very pleased with the results we’ve seen for our new website within a short space of time. We value the technical experience and support that Sam has given us and see her as an additional resource for our ongoing marketing activities.

Cibas have regularly hired Sam to present workshops and seminars to our clients, and due to the very high standard of training and wealth of information Sam imparts, we frequently recommend her seminars and courses via our E-newsletter, Creative News. Sam is always friendly, confident and professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her work and her expert training courses.

Sam stays up-to-date in the search industry which is constantly changing, and I’ve always found her work effective and thorough. With Sam you can be sure that what she advises will be not only industry best practice, but for the client’s long term benefit.

​Forty First Marketing has made a huge difference to our online presence. Super efficient and super nice people to work with.

Introducing Forty First

In today’s very competitive world, small businesses need to be seen online, to be able to adapt quickly to changes in their market, understand new technology and how to use it, all while keeping costs down and increasing profits.

Customers want to do business with companies that understand their needs, interact and engage with them and take an interest in what they do. The internet is becoming an increasingly important platform for customers to find the right company to work with and businesses need to make sure that they can find those customers easily, build relations with them and respond to their needs.

Internet marketing is an absolute necessity for any business. Search technology is increasingly sophisticated and so much more than just gaining rankings. The social networks are vital for creating dialogue with customers and being able to engage with them. So it’s vital that businesses include a good mix of online marketing activities within their marketing strategy, are able to manage their reputation online and measure their return on investment.

Forty First understands online marketing and what’s important to small businesses: the importance of being able to spread often small budgets that much further. All while successfully competing with the big boys!

Coming from an agency background, I can advise on a range of online marketing activities that include SEO, social media and email marketing, so I’m well positioned to advise what needs to be included in your marketing mix.

Having been optimising websites since 2000, I’ve seen how search has evolved over a number of years, and now, how things are so much more sophisticated and moving at a much faster pace with the rise in popularity of mobile, social media and content marketing. You need to make sure your company is seen in as many places as possible online and take advantage of the latest tools to stay ahead.

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