emailEmail marketing campaigns work well for some, less well for others , but once its actually delivered to your subscribers, the hard part is getting it opened. No matter how well you’ve designed your newsletter, or the hours put into making it interesting, if it’s not being opened by enough people, you’re limiting the success of your campaigns, your chances of making sales or getting new enquiries.

So how do you get your newsletters opened by more people?

Sender or ‘From’ field – make sure you use a recognisable name here, either your own name or business name. Don’t use your email address or a vague name such as ‘contact’ (yes I get a newsletter that just has ‘contact’ in the from field). If the recipient isn’t sure who the newsletter is from, they’ll probably view it as spam.

Subject linethis has to be one of the most important aspects of email marketing and one of the main reasons that people will choose to read or not read your newsletter. If your subject line just states ‘February newsletter’ or something equally uninspiring, then it’s not going to get many opens, however interesting the content is inside. You need to arouse curiosity, make people want to open it and this is where the subject line plays such an important part. Take a look through your email newsletters and see which subject lines have made you open and want to read more. A subject line such as ‘why your granny is better at social networking than you are’ is more likely to make people want to click and read the contents, instead of an alternative more bland subject such as, ‘top tips on social media’ for example. Whatever you do, don’t be vague either, your subject line needs to be to the point and convey what the newsletter will be about, what your readers will expect when they open it.

Over enthusiastic spam filters – I check my spam filters most days for the odd genuine email that may have ended up in there and this is a problem for email marketing campaigns. Asking people to white list your newsletter helps, if they remember to do it, but there are times when for whatever reason, your newsletters may end up in spam filters. It’s definitely worth reminding your subscribers to white list your newsletter from time to time.