How are you getting on creating articles for your business blog and email newsletter?
 I have found that planning out what we’re going to write a few months ahead, and knowing the exact date when it needs to publish is motivation enough – usually!

If you find it a struggle to keep up with your Editorial Calendar, you might want to try making an unbreakable appointment in your diary. At the allotted time, switch off all ringing devices, log out of any distracting websites – and just write (or record) your article or blog post. Try to get ahead of the publishing schedule so you have a few posts in reserve for emergencies, and to reduce the pressure of deadlines.

There is always so much to do when you own a small business, that writing articles or producing audios and videos somehow manages to get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. And yet they are a vital part of your content marketing strategy. If you don’t provide regular, fresh material on your website and blog, you run the risk of fading from view online, then the search engines will visit your website less often and your organic rankings will start to slip….

There are plenty of techniques you can make use of. For example:

Blog Post Scheduling

Make use of the pre-scheduling facility available in most blogging software (including WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr).

Setting up a regular posting calendar is a good habit to get into 😉 Let’s say you decide you’re going to publish a new blog post every week on a Tuesday. Once you have uploaded a few draft posts, edit the date of publication to schedule each one in advance. Remember to edit the time of publication too, so the post doesn’t ‘go live’ in the middle of the night or when your target readers are asleep. While this isn’t the end of the world, it’s nice when your readers see a new post as it arrives ‘hot off the press’ in their feed or inbox.

Email Scheduling

Email Newsletters can be pre-scheduled in a similar way, which means you can set up several issues to publish automatically without any further work by you. Most Email Service Providers (ESPs) have the facility to connect to the main social networks, so that new issues are also shared automatically on publication.

In addition, when planning out an Email Marketing promotion as part of your Content Marketing Strategy, those emails can be lined up to be sent out on the appropriate dates.

However, these techniques will not work if you haven’t created the content in the first place!

photo credit: KatieKrueger via photopin cc