Email marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies for any marketer. It still beats most other forms of online marketing in terms of ROI too. It nurtures customer loyalty, keeps your name in front of your customers and prospects, is highly trackable and can be personalised. Most third party platforms allow you to segment your lists as well as automating when emails are sent out.

If you don’t regularly send out newsletters to your customers and prospects, then you’re missing out hugely on potential business. If you don’t bother to keep customers loyal or keep them informed about what you do, then it’s likely’ll go elsewhere. You can’t expect them to remember you or remember what products or services you provide!

The infographic below is very comprehensive and goes through optimising each part of your email newsletter for the best results. Well worth checking through to make sure your process includes the points covered. Perhaps you can turn it into a checklist to go through each time you send out your newsletter!

From header to footer: The Anatomy of the perfect email [Infographic] via

Infographic via

From Header to Footer the Anatomy of a Perfect Email