I’m no branding expert, and to be honest, branding myself or my personal brand hasn’t played a very big part in my own business’ marketing.

However, I’ve recently read various articles on branding and know that small businesses need to get much better at (myself included!) it as it’s such an important part of marketing. Branding isn’t just about your company logo but about the whole company ethos and an integral part of how a company operates, from the actual products and services sold, how they’re sold, customer relations, how staff conduct themselves – absolutely everything.

Some companies are very good at it, think Virgin, Innocent Drinks, Lush, Howies, to name just a few. I’m sure you can also think of a few well known names off the top of your head where their brand is embedded into everything they sell and do.

This article on The Basics of Branding from Entrepreneur.com gives a fairly basic explanation on what branding is and Wikipedia covers branding in much more depth here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brand

But what about branding for smaller businesses, particularly if you’re a ‘one man band’, your personal brand? Just because you’re small it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or can’t pay attention to your own brand. Developing your brand not only adds credibility to your company, it also makes you more attractive to your prospects.

While surfing the web as I do on a regular basis to keep up with industry news etc, I came across several articles on branding for small business and personal branding.

This article from Yoast ‘Low Budget Branding for Small Businesses‘ covers branding for small businesses on a budget and has some useful money saving tips, that any company can do.

These next two articles focus on personal branding. The Quick Sprout guide is very in depth, but well worth going through if you want to develop your personal brand: The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand

I also like this A-Z infographic from Road to Recognition for an easy to digest explanation which you can take and make sure you use in every aspect of your marketing: Personal Branding A-Z