About Me

Sam McArthurSam McArthur is a freelance internet marketing consultant, having started working in internet marketing back in 2000 when her interest in the internet got the better of her. She first went online in 1996 and her thoughts about being a web designer led her into internet marketing – a big change from handling Government contracts for the defence sector! She started Forty First in 2002 after working in house for a leading job board and then for an internet marketing agency in Brighton where she honed her skills with projects for The Times, Airmiles and Thistle Hotels.

Sam mostly works with small professional businesses and e-commerce websites and has helped many of them get to grips with online marketing and dramatically improve the results from their websites. She is very proud of the service she offers and is keen to empower small business owners to understand how online marketing works so they can make more informed decisions about promoting their website and not get ripped off by the cowboys out there! You can find out more about what I have done for some of my clients by reading ‘my experience’.

Sam has put us on the map in regards to search rankings- literally! We were nowhere to be seen and her diligent and detailed work means that within a few months we were creeping up the Google rankings. Not only that but Sam explained to us the importance of analysing the statistics she provides us on a monthly basis so that we can tweak our marketing and social media accordingly. She speaks my kind of English and not IT speak! Her years of experience with small businesses means she understands the requirements we have, the time issues and the budget constraints. We are delighted with Sam’s work and she takes an active interest in our company, our services and products, always ready to suggest ideas and tips, we could not do without her.

Françoise Murat, Roots, Shoots & Leaves

Over the last few years Sam has also spoken at various events for Business Link and other local business groups on online marketing. She has also hosted online training via webinars and live events with Louise Barnes-Johnston.

Sam’s interests include her love of French, having studied it to degree level. She also enjoys cooking, photography and all things vintage, which she sells on her online shop, Vintage Trading. 

I promise no techie-talk or geekspeak!