A bit about Sam

Sam McArthur

Sam McArthur

Sam started working in internet marketing back in 2000 when her interest in the internet got the better of her. She first went online in 1996 and her thoughts about being a web designer led her into internet marketing – a big change from handling Government contracts for the defence sector! She started her own consultancy, Forty First, in 2002 after working in house for a leading job board and then for an internet marketing agency in Brighton where she honed her SEO skills with projects for The Times, Thistle Hotels, Airmiles & The Ramblers Association. Sam also speaks fluent French.

My belief has always been that the principles of online marketing have never changed: creating a high-quality website and using best practice marketing techniques for long term, sustainable results.

“What I like about the internet and more recently social media is the ability to get your message across to people worldwide and connect with people you would never previously have had the opportunity to meet. More and more people with common interests are being brought together, opportunities for small and micro businesses are endless and causes are getting more publicity, which is great!”


Ruby enjoying a day out at the beach

Our dog Ruby enjoying a day out at the beach