Search Engine Optimisation

Having been optimising websites for more than 15 years, I have experienced the major changes in online marketing and how dramatically things have changed in the last few years.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is a key part of your online marketing – and isn’t just about keywords either!


Many sites don’t rank in the search results nearly as well as they could for a number of reasons:seo-welcome
  • the site has been poorly designed so it doesn’t get indexed properly by the search engines
  • the content and how it’s structured on the site needs improvement
  • keyword research hasn’t been done or is poorly targeted
  • ‘meta tags’ are missing or not written properly
  • very few quality links point to the site
  • the site hasn’t been updated for a long time
  • there is no overall marketing strategy

Addressing these issues can go a long way to help improve a site’s visibility in the search engines and the visitors it attracts. Don’t forget most traffic to websites still comes from the search engines so this is one area you can’t afford to neglect!


The search engine optimisation process includes the following activities:
  • review of your website and its current performance in the search engines
  • review of current traffic trends
  • keyword research to find the best keywords to target for your products/services
  • recommendations for ‘technical’ improvements and site architecture/content structure
  • optimisation of key pages of your website with suggestions for content improvement / rewriting of content where appropriate
  • benchmark rankings/analytics reports
  • ongoing reviews of performance and suggestions for further improvement


“We are very pleased with the results we’ve seen for our new website within a short space of time. We value the technical experience and support that Sam has given us and see her as an additional resource for our ongoing marketing activities.”

Sue Burley, Chief Administration Officer, DW Plastics Ltd


If you need quick results in the search engines, and can’t want to wait for the time it takes for the search engine optimisation to take effect, then a pay per click campaign with Google Adwords will make sure you get an instant presence in the Google search results. I can help you set up and manage a small campaign to make sure you get leads and sales as fast as possible.

Pay per click should be used as a support to other marketing activities, and not relied upon solely for visitors, sales & leads.



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