Social Media Marketing


Marketing has always been about letting people know about your business and what you do, as often as possible, with the intention of being ‘top of mind’ when they finally decide the time is right to buy.

Social Media Marketing brings together the important and relevant internet tools, so that your business can create, implement and benefit from an online marketing strategy.  This in turn integrates with the business’s overall marketing objectives and goals. Many businesses mistakenly believe that Social Media Marketing is going to provide a quick fix solution and bring in lots of new business effortlessly.  Or they use the social networks incorrectly and can’t understand why hardly anyone is responding.

Some of the typical mistakes I see include:social-graffiti

  • Too much self-promotion
  • Inconsistent or irregular marketing
  • Not enough good quality content
  • Unclear calls to action
  • No mechanism for lead generation
  • Poor online branding

Using Social Media Marketing correctly means you can make sure to be where your prospects and clients are networking online, and take part in the conversation.  It enables your business to build a stronger presence on the internet and establish credibility.

Other benefits of Social Media Marketing include:

  • Standing out in an increasingly ‘noisy’ online world
  • Seeing an increase in search engine rankings
  • Generating new, qualified leads
  • Reducing overall marketing expenses
  • Increasing website traffic and subscribers
  • Forming new business partnerships

It’s important to have clear objectives for your Social Media Marketing campaigns and to manage them effectively. Using appropriate time-saving tools and automation techniques will enable you to keep on top of all the different Social Media Marketing activities.

I can assist you in devising a plan of how to reach out to your target market in the social networks, connect with your audience and plan what content to share. Find out more on our blogging and content marketing service too.

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