Website & SEO Audits


Before you even begin an online marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to start with an audit of your current website and marketing activities.

Why is this important? There are a number of reasons:audit-letters

  • It will give you a starting point as to where you are now and what it will take to get to where you want to be.
  • There could be technical issues with your website which may prevent it from ranking as well as it could.
  • Your content may need re-writing, or adding to depending on who you want to reach.
  • Your web presence could generally be poor or not targeted enough towards your audience.
  • You can find out more about how visitors currently access your website, what they are looking at (or not looking at), and whether those visits are leading to sales and enquiries.


What does the Audit include?

The website audit includes a number of checks that enables me to find out more about your site, including:

  • How it has been constructed and if there are any technical issues.
  • How the website currently performs in a search.
  • Review of the content on your website and calls to action.
  • Which websites link back to your website and where improvements could be made.
  • If you’re making the most of the social networks.
  • A review of your web analytics and how visitors access and interact with your website.

The audit will include a set of recommendations that you can use to make  improvements yourself, enable me to put together a strategy with you or help you make some of the improvements necessary with some of my services.

If you would like to discuss this further or have any questions, please contact me on 01258 817842 or email hidden; JavaScript is required