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Here is a flavour of some of the projects I’ve worked on. Much of my work has included SEO campaigns, Google Analytics reports, general recommendations on improving the website and overall web presence, and some small Google Adwords campaigns.


SEO & Google Adwords for a plastics manufacturer of bespoke plastic extrusions (B2B)

I was approached by the client initially to increase enquiries for a marine decking product using Google Adwords. The campaign was then extended to their main plastics extrusion design and manufacturing service. The Adwords campaign has continued for a number of years as it brings in several new leads each month and has helped the business to grow.


When the company website was re-launched I was asked to optimise it for search so they could gain more enquiries from organic searches rather than just relying on the Google Adwords campaign. Soon after the launch of the new site, organic traffic increased by 44%. As a result, they receive more enquiries and visits from the organic search results than from the Adwords campaign.


SEO for a location library of thousands of properties across the UK and abroad (B2B)


This location agency has a location library of thousands of properties available for film hire across the UK, from small London studios, to beautiful suburban residences to stately homes.


They were spending hundreds of pounds per month on Google Adwords and wanted to improve their search rankings to reduce spend, and gain more visits to the website in the organic search results. At the time the site was attracting just over 1000 visits per month from organic search.


Firstly, I analysed the website as a starting point and to find out if any technical issues may have been hindering search results. After the initial audit, I carried out keyword research on the main pages to work out the best keywords to target for their market. The main pages were optimized and advice was given as to how to optimize each location, since there are thousands, this is best done when the locations are added to the website.


From there I also advised on other aspects of online marketing to draw visitors from a variety of sources. The website now attracts over 5 times the number of visits from organic search results that they were attracting when I first started working with them.


SEO for a website created for travel companies specialising in the USA to promote the USA as a tourist destination (B2C)


I was approached by a marketing agency to work alongside them to improve the optimisation of their client’s website along with monthly client reports to show progress. At the time of starting the project, the website was attracting an average of about 15000 visits per month and about 120 brochure requests, which were measured as conversions.

To increase visits and improve performance of the website, firstly all of the pages were re-optimised which included keyword research and editing content to include the target keywords. I then suggested the client wrote additional content around further targeted keywords to attract more visits to the website. Some technical issues with the website were also resolved, such as duplicate content issues.

The website went on to attract about 25000-30000 visits per month (there are seasonal fluctuations in traffic) and over 300 brochure requests per month.


SEO & Adwords for an online shop specialising in French homeware and furniture (B2C)

This e-commerce website was set up to specialise in a range of French home accessories and furniture. The site was a brand new business when it was launched in June 2006.

The initial brief was to find which keywords potential visitors would type into a search to find the website and target web pages accordingly to drive some initial traffic to the website quickly and generate awareness of the business and some early sales. From thereon, SEO would be ongoing to ensure the page ranked well for target keywords.

I worked closely with the client to provide search engine optimisation for the key pages of the website. In depth keyword research was carried out over hundreds of potential keywords and a shortlist drawn up. Pages were then identified to be optimised with ongoing monitoring and optimisation as new products were added. A Google Adwords campaign was also set up to ensure the site would be found for key products and highly targeted keywords.


From 2006 - 2009, traffic to the website grew month on month. From zero visitors, the site went on to attract approximately 17,000 visitors per month and was regularly found for over 2500 keyword combinations, including first page rankings for target keywords. A combination of search engine optimisation, PR activities and email marketing ensured the website was at the top of Google rankings for highly targeted keywords, maintaining brand awareness and generating a healthy level of sales.


Other projects I've worked on include:

Website Assessment and recommendations for a German play equipment manufacturer (B2B)

Google Analytics support for a programmatic display advertising campaign (B2B)


SEO & Email newsletters for an independent nature writing magazine (B2C)


SEO & consultancy for a holiday cottages company (B2C)

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